Top Glass headstones Secrets

Glasstone is a theory for contemporary hand-crafted glass headstones, memorials that are sculptural and benches. Artist Mag set back in 2010, glasstone. art. Ernest Vitin and are proud to be the very first in the world to create headstones in layered glass!

The eyesight of Glasstone would be to bring lightness into the custom of commemorating the loved ones of one. They fulfil this vision by producing memorials handmade glass headstones and chairs. The hand-treated glass conveys an aesthetic lustre when we need it 20, reminding us love and hope. Glasstone considers that visual lightness of glass and the transparency can assist and lift our spirit even.

Ready-made"Classic" set of glass headstones feature a selection of layouts in layered or cast glass techniques. All these glass headstones are unique, beautiful, easy to install, durable and easy to care for. Glass headstones' designs are made-to-order at a brief period, starting from a week up to five months, depending upon the ordered specifications and period.

Durability is Glasstone's most valued characteristic. They've developed a unique system of treatment whereby they achieve durability of glass headstones. Memorials can defy cold winters, as well as hot Mediterranean Granite headstones summers. At the exact same time, Glasstone brings the characteristics of glass out, emphasizing it's permanency, effulgence and purity.

Glasstone memorials are very small when it comes to upkeep. Qualities of glass, such as density and non-porousness, combined with our method of therapy, stop dirt from settling and moss development. will develop a beautiful memorial to honor your beloved with. They offer transparency and global shipment throughout the procedure.

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